Cat Allergies Acupuncture Case Study

Cat Allergies

“Brent” was a 24 year-old friend of ours with severe cat allergies.

Of course I didn’t know this when we invited him over for dinner one evening.

“Oh no, you have a cat!”

We put the cat away in another room, and crossed our fingers that Brent wouldn’t have much trouble.  He had some congestion and sniffling pretty much immediately, but toughed it out until dinner was served.

As we were eating his face was getting redder and redder, eyes wetter and wetter.  He was clearly uncomfortable and nobody could really ignore the fact that his face was about to explode.

“OK come on that’s enough”  I took him to another room where he could lie down, and I gave him an impromptu acupuncture treatment.  Just a few points.  It was his first time.

Within five minutes the inflammation was draining from his face.  After ten minutes he sniffed up the last of the mucus.

“This is amazing.”

Yea it is.

I took out his needles and we went back to our meal.  He was able to eat dinner and hang out long afterwards telling stories and laughing.  We let the cat out of the back room.