Fall Allergies Acupuncture Case Study

Fall Allergies

“Kim” was a 55 year-old artist, a painter.  She had first come for acupuncture years before to treat hip pain.

The first time we met she told me that she was really sensitive to acupuncture.  “You’ll be fine.  I’ll be very gentle.”

When I did the first point, she just about levitated off the table.  It wasn’t painful for her.  Just an involuntary reaction.  Like when the doctor uses the little rubber hammer to check your reflexes under your knee.

“I see.”  The rest of the session I used an even gentler Japanese technique, and she didn’t have any more anti-gravity experiences.

I had no idea at the time that she would be the first of many patients that required an extremely refined technique.  Sessions with Kim were a chance for me to really hone and develop the finesse necessary to make acupuncture comfortable for those with amplified nervous systems.

During our time together we developed a great relationship, and she would use acupuncture for various complaints, even to break through creative blocks.  Those days as soon as the needles were out, she would sprint out of the office in a rush to get home and channel all of her inspiration into her art.

After a few years we also started to realize that every fall she was coming down with respiratory infections that would drag into the holidays.

She would get allergies at first, which would then become sinus congestion.  Which would then move downwards and become bronchitis.  Not fun.

Long story short we got smart about this and started planning a few maintenance sessions every August to balance her immune system, along with a proactive blend of herbs to prevent allergies.  The last two years are the first in a long time that she’s gotten through Autumn without allergies, and Christmas without antibiotics.