Seasonal Allergy Relief Acupuncture Case Study

Seasonal Allergies

“Susie” was a 52 year-old executive who initially came for TMJ, sleep apnea, and allergy relief.  The allergies had been an issue forever.  She was always taking an over the counter medicine, which she was tired of relying on.

“The test will be the Spring,” she said.  It was coming up.  Her norm was to have allergies in the spring that would cause congestion, then a sinus infection, then bronchitis, and sometimes pneumonia.

This is such a common progression for respiratory conditions.

By the time she recovered from the deeper infection it would be late summer and the fall allergies would flare up, and then progress similarly.  She would be miserable during the holidays with her chest infection.

By the time that would clear up it would be about time for Spring allergies again.  What a loop.

It occurred to me that she probably hadn’t breathed right in 50 years.

Susie was one of the 5% of patients that didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t use herbs so we relied on acupuncture to regulate her immune system.

Spring came and went.  She was elated that she made it through with minimal sniffling, which of course meant she was less distracted at work and enjoying life more in general.

“The real test will be the fall,” she said.  Fall came and went.  She had extra energy to enjoy the holidays without battling a chest infection.

“The real test will be the spring,” she said.

You said that last year.