Constipation Acupuncture Case Study


“Kristen” was a 22 year-old female who had previously used acupuncture and herbs successfully for low back pain and cold hands and feet.  She presented with a recent bout of constipation, that had started within the past few weeks.

She was used to having 2-3 bowel movements per day, and was now going once or twice per week.  Constipation may seem like a trivial complaint to those who haven’t experienced it.

When you can’t poop, your entire body feels sluggish.  Your mind slows down, and it can be difficult to focus.

Often the appetite drops and food seems unappealing.  There can be pressure pains and bloating in the abdomen.

Or just incessant gas.

In this case the constipation was clearly affecting her daily quality of life.

We used acupuncture points of the arms, legs, lower back and lower abdomen, as well as herb formulas that gently promote bowel movement.

Within the first week of treatment she was having more frequent bowel movements, and after a short course of follow ups she was going daily, and feeling more like her old self.