Diverticulitis Acupuncture Case Study


“Jeannie” was a 70 year-old female who had been using acupuncture treatment for relief of shoulder and hip pain.  At one of her visits she complained of abdominal pain, and the fact that she had recently been diagnosed with diverticulitis.

She had begun a course of antibiotics, and though the infection was most likely clearing up, she was still in a great deal of discomfort.

Upon examination I found her abdomen to be very cold to the touch.  That’s not good.  We want to keep our bellies warm, so we can actually absorb our foods.

I did my best to get her to stop eating cold foods (smoothies!) and start drinking ginger tea instead, or at least alongside the smoothie.  Ginger is a warming herb that benefits digestion.  It’s an easy tea for people to incorporate into their lives to keep the digestion warm.

We used acupuncture treatments to direct more blood flow into her digestive tract.  Her herbal formula was composed of an aromatic blend of herbs that work to warm the abdomen.  A lot of these warming herbs also have antibacterial properties, just in case there were any lingering bacteria infecting her colon.

We also used an infrared heat lamp over her abdomen to warm it directly.

Within two weeks her discomfort was dramatically reduced.  She still had her smoothies but was at least drinking a warm ginger tea chaser to offset the cold.

After 6 weeks of treatment she began carefully introducing some of the forbidden foods of diverticulitis back into her diet.  She was getting occasional upset when she would push her luck a bit with corn or similar vegetables.

After 12 weeks of treatment she could get away with eating whatever she wanted as long as she didn’t overindulge.