Pediatric Diarrhea Herbal Case Study

Pediatric Diarrhea

“Renn” was a 1.5 year old female toddler who had developed extremely wet and loose stools for a month.  Prior to this she had  been having regular, formed bowel movements.  Her parents thought the diarrhea had started alongside the introduction of some richer dessert foods that were made of cocoa powder and a lot of coconut oil.

I usually don’t use acupuncture with patients this young, unless we need to bring down an extreme fever (which can drop 2 degrees in 30 seconds with proper treatment).  Herbs, however are a great option for little ones.

Since the diarrhea had come on without fever or any other signs of sickness, and lasted a month or so, it was most likely due to the fact that children’s organs aren’t fully developed.  Her digestive system wasn’t equipped to handle the rich foods at that point, and her body had begun to accumulate some turbidity.

We used herbs that help the intestines absorb more fluids, which helps the stool take proper form.  Additionally we used herbs that tune up the entire digestive system, to help her little organs thrive and prevent further turbidity from accumulating.

Also no more rich cocoa desserts for that little girl.  After a couple weeks of treatment the bowel movements were just about back to normal.