Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can be used to promote tissue repair, pretty much anywhere in the body.

How is that possible?  By improving nerve function and directing the dilation and constriction of blood vessels.

Additionally, certain herbs are used that make the blood more rich and nourishing so that when it arrives in a damaged area, the cells can feast.

There are two main strategies for facial acupuncture:

1. Local treatment of wrinkles.  When we provoke the body with a microtrauma in the form of a tiny poke, a defense mechanism is triggered: increased collagen production.

You know what collagen is.  When a woman has a baby and then looks sallow and drained afterwards, cheekbones sticking out, new wrinkles on her face, she’s depleted of collagen.

All of those strange changes that happen right after giving birth all get reversed when her natural collagen stores get replenished.

You can precisely guide collagen distribution with acupuncture techniques.


2. Reset the expressive muscles on the face and head.  Yes you have muscles in your face.

That’s how you smile, wink, furrow your brow.

The muscles are the mechanism to manifest your thoughts and feelings onto your face for the world to see.

They get tired.  Stuck.  Overused.

How do you think wrinkles get created?

Traditionally there are certain herbs that are used as exfolliants to remove dead skin cells and other debris on the face.  These herbs also have blood invigorating properties to restore vibrant skin color.

Facial rejuvenation is best done as a 1o session protocol.  It takes 5 weeks.

You’ll also be taking herbs internally to supercharge your blood, and applying the jade roller and external herbal pastes and creams at home.

We take before and after photos.  You’ll love it.