Back Pain

Back Pain is one of the top reasons people in America seek out an acupuncturist.

I treat back pain every day in the clinic.  One day I’d like to start filming the way people get out of their cars when they arrive for treatment.  Slow, guarded.  Wincing facial expression.

And then film them walking out.  Faster.  Happy.

It’s really amazing.

I try to warn every back pain patient to take it easy after treatment.  Often with acupuncture you’ll get a lot of pain relief and mobility back, but that doesn’t mean the damaged area is totally repaired.

There’s a potential of reinjury/setback.

So I say, “You’ll feel stronger than you are for a couple days.  Take it easy.”

Most people do well with that advice.  Except for athletes.  And men with a honey-do list.  And people into yoga.  And dancers.  And firefighters.  And martial artists…

It’s one thing to get out of pain, and another to strengthen the area and become resilient.