Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia can be a complex condition, which typically involves multiple body systems (immune, digestive, circulatory, endocrine, neuro) as well as altered brain chemistry.  I have seen a ton of fibro patients, and get great satisfaction helping their situation improve.

The wandering pains can go away.  The fatigue can lift.  Body temperature can regulate.  Depression goes away when you feel better.

Then you can get back to work.  Be there for your kids.  Take a walk.

Sharon” was a 50 year-old with fibromyalgia and kidney failure.  She had also gained more weight than she was used to, and was having some low self esteem because she didn’t recognize her body.  She had wandering pains that would affect the sides of her head, her neck and shoulders, and her hips.  Sometimes her teeth would hurt.  There wasn’t much predictability or pattern to her pain, but it was always worse with weather changes and storms.

We worked together to determine that the weight gain and kidney failure were due to the large amount of prescription meds she was taking just to function.  With her doctor’s guidance, she began weaning off of some of the more heavy duty ones, and we used acupuncture and herbs to re-regulate her nervous system, encourage blood circulation, and boost her liver and kidney function to help filter the body.

By introducing acupuncture and herbs, we were able to soften the transition as she weaned off her meds.

Her kidney function eventually improved, and at our most recent visit she didn’t even have any pain to treat.

Kristine” was a 46 year-old female with a fibro diagnosis as well as asthma.  She was unable to work due to her pain levels.  She came for acupuncture, and within two weeks felt so good that she was applying for her old job back.

As the pain levels diminished, we shifted the focus of the treatments to strengthening her lungs and addressing the asthma.

Nancy” was a 22 year-old with eczema and a fibro diagnosis.  She was young and had good spirits, so she didn’t let her body pain interfere with her life at all.  Though with weather changes she had a lot of pain that only felt better when she’d take a bath.  It wasn’t the heat that gave her relief, it was the weight of the water.

She tended to run cold, with clammy hands and feet.

She also dealt with anxiety, and was especially nervous about acupuncture the first time.  Once she had the initial experience, she no longer was apprehensive, and she looked forward to her sessions for the peace it brought her.

We used acupuncture for the fibro (pain relief, neurological reset), and herbs that worked on her immune and endocrine systems.  The herbs also increased peripheral blood circulation to warm those hands and feet up!

We also used topical herbs to help relieve the eczema.

We did a cluster of sessions at first, and then tapered her visits off to every other week as her pain levels went down.

She continued taking herbs daily.