Diabetic Neuropathy Bone Infection Case Study

Diabetic Neuropathy and Bone Infection

“Ryan” was a 54 year-old diabetic who came to me with an active bone infection in one of his fingers.

He had dealt with this in the past, and showed me another finger that was an inch too short after having been amputated.

This started as a papercut, but due to his neuropathy, there was very little immune response to prevent infection. He brought X-Rays that confirmed the infection was active in his bone.

He was hoping Chinese Medicine could keep him from losing another finger.

To be honest I had never treated a bone infection before, but I had a good idea on where to start.  We used a combination of acupuncture, herbs he took internally, and herbal poultices applied directly over the site of the infection.

The treatments were directing his body to ramp up an immune response, and repair the bone.  Many of the herbs also had antibacterial properties to kill off the pathogens and make it easier for his natural defenses to kick in.

We got very lucky.

He was thrilled with the result.  At each subsequent visit, his wound looked better and better.  He was able to avoid amputation entirely.

His doctors were shocked.

After such excellent results, he told everyone he knew about how amazing Chinese Medicine could be.  He sent his wife in for treatment for an unrelated condition.

Unfortunately, though, when I told him we would need to shift the focus to a longer view, and get his diabetes under control, he disappeared from my schedule.

That happens.  Sometimes people only want the immediate problem taken care of, and aren’t interested in correcting the big picture, changing the circumstances that make them susceptible to crisis.

This was years ago, and I’m hoping that he has gotten his health under control.  I’m assuming it can’t be too bad because I know I would hear from him again if he got another infection.