Trigger Finger Treatment

Trigger Finger is a situation where one of the tendons controlling your finger gets stuck, and the finger locks up.  It’s not comfortable.

The first time someone asked me for help with this, I wasn’t able to resolve it.  That baffled me because stuck tendons really sounded like problem that acupuncture could help.

Not too long after that first case, another woman called for help with her trigger finger.  This time I didn’t want to use standard acupuncture techniques, so I researched the condition.  Typical western treatment for this condition is to surgically cut the sheath of the tendon to help it slide.

Using that knowledge, I was able to develop a new acupuncture protocol for this condition that mimics the effects of the surgery (easier glide of the tendon), without having to do anything remotely as violent as slicing a tendon sheath.

Needless to say I was excited to use the new strategy on this patient, and fortunately she had excellent results.  Within two weeks the trigger finger had stopped catching.  We then shifted the focus of her treatments to eliminating her seasonal allergies.

I love this job because I get the opportunity to learn every day.