Ankle Sprain Acupuncture Case Study

Ankle Sprain

“Holly” was a 13 year-old ballerina brought in by her mother, who was also a ballet teacher.  She had recently injured her ankle during ballet, and the doctors had ruled out fracture.  Diagnosed with a sprain, she came in wearing a boot.

Fortunately, Holly’s mom was a patient of mine already, and knew to bring her in for treatment as soon as possible.  In the initial stages of injury you have a chance to treat the area before the body starts laying down scar tissue and adhesions.  Because the injury was so fresh the treatment went a long way.

We used acupuncture to facilitate the healing process and help regenerate tissue (yes that’s one effect of acupuncture), as well as an external herbal poultice designed to reduce the heat, swelling, inflammation, bruising, and pain of the injury, while simultaneously increasing blood flow through the area.

This means her ankle was able to have fresh nutrition delivered more effectively, and waste was shuttled out instead of piling up.  This is how you prevent one injury from becoming a chronic problem area.

She of course recovered completely, and went back to dancing as soon as she could.

Years later, her mother mentioned to me that Holly hadn’t had any lingering problems after the injury.  She found this remarkable because in her experience a lot of ballerinas injure their ankles, and typically once it has been injured it will become the weak link and be re-injured again and again.

She credited our quick treatment to keeping her daughter from falling into the cycle that so many of her peers were so susceptible to.