Calf Muscle Spasm Acupuncture Case Study

Calf Spasm

“Dominick” was a 38 year-old who was training for his first triathlon.  He was recently divorced, and the training was his way to start out life on his own again, and rediscover who he was.

He started using acupuncture as a way to help his body recover during the training.  As the mileage was ramping up, he was starting to get bothered more and more by calf spasms.  He was having trouble keeping up with his training group.  Eventually he had to scale back on training because of the discomfort.

At his next appointment he mentioned that he was worried he may not make it to the triathlon because of the calf spasms.  Of course he had tried increasing his electrolytes, minerals, bananas, coconut water, etc.

We used local acupuncture to release the tissue on his calves, which was hypertrophied and tight from being trained so hard, naturally.  This manual reset allowed more blood to move through the area.

Additionally I started him on an herbal formula with ingredients that specifically address calf spasm.  There are a few herbs that are my go-to for calf spasm, and for most people they will work very well.  At times there are some people who may need a different formula.  It depends on the cause of the spasms.

Needless to say, we were very proactive from then on in maintaining supple tissue.  He kept training, ramped it up with his partners, and was able to show up on the big day and complete his first race.

His only problem after that was, “What next?”