Fibula Fracture Acupuncture Case Study

Spiral Fracture of the Fibula

“Ron” was a 43 year-old who liked to keep in shape.  He had been coming regularly for acupuncture and herbs to maintain his energy level, and to treat any aches and pains that came along with his weightlifting regimen.

One day he was playing in his softball league, running and then stopping to change direction, and his leg went out from under him.

Somehow he had gotten a spiral fracture on his fibula (the thin bone on the outside of the lower leg).

He went in for surgery and of course they had to screw/plate his bone back together.  Spiral fractures are pretty complicated and require intervention to heal.

Since he had to take a break from his usual exercise routine, he was getting a little depressed/frustrated about the whole thing.  It was really important to do everything we could to get him back moving again as soon as possible.

As soon as he was clear from surgery, we used acupuncture to accelerate the healing process and encourage tissue growth and repair.  Additionally, we used external herbal poultices to promote blood flow in the area.

Internally, I modified his formula to fit his acute needs.  When using Chinese herbs to heal injuries, you must differentiate the types of tissues that are injured as well as what stage the injuries are in.  For his blend, we used herbs to help repair tendons, ligaments, and bone.

Yes, there are herbs that stimulate bone formation and help fractures to knit faster.  Isn’t that amazing?