Low Back Injury Soccer Acupuncture Case Study

Lingering Low Back Pain

“Connor” was a 16 year old soccer goalie.  When his mother first called me about helping his back pain I almost didn’t take the case.

“His back hurts from a spinal fracture.  He needs pain relief because he’s going to England for an intensive soccer training in two weeks.  Can you help him?”

Of course.  Acupuncture is excellent at pain relief.  Almost too good.  If there’s an injury, like a spinal fracture, pain can be important as it helps us know our limits so as not to cause further damage.

“Is that really a good idea?”  I asked his mother and explained my concerns.  I was a bit worried she was one of those borderline insane parents that will push her children to extremes for the sake of performance.

Once we got to talking it turned out that the fracture was old, and imaging had confirmed was fully healed.  The trouble was that even though “there was nothing wrong” her son was still having intense pain every time he twisted, pushed off to run or jump, or landed on the ground.  Bad news for a die hard goalie.

“Yes, let’s get him started ASAP.”

With the time crunch it was especially important to be assertive in treatments.  I saw him quite frequently for acupuncture over the two weeks, and we used internal herbs as well as external liniments to help heal the low back and decrease pain.

By the time his trip was coming up he could twist, jump, push off, land, etc without pain.  Goalie powers restored.

Our last session was early in the morning on the day he was flying off to England.  I sent him with enough herbs to last him through his trip, and gave him an abbreviated acupuncture session because they had to get home to wash one more load of soccer jerseys (including the one he was wearing) before the flight!