Plantar Fasciitis Football Acupuncture Case Study

Plantar Fasciitis

“Timmy” was a 12 year-old who loved football.  He loved it so much that he practiced and played every day even though he had such severe plantar fasciitis (foot pain) that every step was, in his words, like “running on knives.”

What a tough kid.  Seriously.

In his case most of his fasciitis was caused by extreme muscular tension in his calves, pulling too tightly on the fascia at the bottom of the feet.

He was in a bit of a vicious loop, since tension was causing the pain, and his response to the pain was to create more tension.

Timmy wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of acupuncture at first, but he let me do it the first time we met anyway.  Once he got over the initial fear, he did extremely well.

As his foot pain diminished, and he could play football without being distracted by his feet the whole time, he became a real fan of the treatment.

I meet a lot of people who have gone years, or even decades with plantar fasciitis.  I’m really glad Timmy came in at such a young age and we were able to get him through it.

It is funny how we can forget how far we’ve come.  At Timmy’s last follow up I asked him about his feet.  “They’re ok I guess.”

What does that mean?  Does it still feel like you are “running on knives?”

“OH!  No not at all.  I forgot all about that!”

Yea that’s a good sign…