Plantar Fasciitis Triathlon Acupuncture Case Study

Plantar Fasciitis

“Tina” was a 50 year old who initially came in with a complaint of nasty plantar fasciitis (pain at the bottoms of the feet).  It had been bothering her over a year and was really starting to shrink her world in terms of exercise.

When your feet hurt there’s really not much you can do without pain.  Maybe swim.

She really enjoyed her workouts, and had been exercising through the pain anyway.

During the first week of treatment I suggested not exercising/abusing her feet on days she was getting acupuncture.  By the second week she actually took the advice and scheduled rest days, or snuck her workouts in before her acupuncture appointments!

By the end of the second week, her feet had improved so dramatically that she knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel and signed herself up for a triathlon a few months out!

That’s a seriously satisfying aspect of this work.  Seeing people who were previously suffering, powering through anyway, and as that suffering eases they are so excited to take their life back!

As the feet improved, she then requested we work on her knee pain.  She couldn’t do a lunge without pain across her kneecaps.

As the knees improved, she confessed she had a lot of tendonitis and shoulder pain.  As that improved, we moved to the hand where gripping caused a lot of pain.

In a lot of ways the severe foot pain was a gift.  It was enough to really get her attention to start treatment, which then opened up a whole new world for her in terms of pain relief.

I always say this.  People are tough.  To keep our world from shrinking we will power through all sorts of pain.  But it’s really nice not to have to.