Shoulder Strain Acupuncture Case Study

Shoulder Strain

“Trent” was a 16 year-old with an eye on a career as a pro baseball player.  He had previously come in for help with anxiety/fatigue/overwhelm due to such a heavy workload at the private high school he attended.

He had experienced great results with acupuncture and herbs in the past, so he was open to treatment for his strained shoulder, which was really jamming up his baseball swing.

With strains where there is no serious damage (tears, etc) acupuncture can be extremely effective, and sometimes immediate.

When muscles are strained, there are usually some muscles that are stretched, and others that are in spasm.  In assessing his injury it was very evident which muscles were dysfunctioning.

Using an advanced style of acupuncture I was able to reset each individual muscle that needed it, and his range of motion increased immediately.

We did a short series of treatments to make sure the soft tissue was holding its proper shape, and then we went outside to swing bats and talk about suppleness, relaxation, and power generation.