Fertility Acupuncture Case Study 2


“Kimberly” was a 35 year-old who was having trouble conceiving her first child.  She was referred by a friend who was also coming in for fertility treatment.

Kimberly and her husband had been actively trying to conceive for over a year, with no luck.  She and her husband had both been through conventional medical workups and there was “nothing wrong” with either of them.

Needless to say they were both a bit frustrated at not having found any sort of answer.

I explained to them that typically we plan on at least 3 months of treatment to “prep the soil.”  This is important to impart because stress and pressure only works to undermine our fertility.  It’s best to be able to let go of immediate expectations, enjoy life, and enjoy sex without it being “work.”

It’s best to create the conditions to let conception emerge naturally.

So Kimberly was very committed to treatment, and three months came and went with no pregnancy.  Six months came and went.  Since she was so consistent with her herbs at home, we were able to spread her acupuncture visits out to 2x/month.

During our time together we regulated her immune system (she was getting frequent sinus infections and sore throats), recalibrated her nervous system (she started handling stress differently), and, most importantly, improved the blood circulation into and out of her lower abdomen.

Initially her periods weren’t too disruptive to her life.  However she would get a lot of cramping beforehand.  And cramping at ovulation.

Over the course of treatment she began passing thick clots.  This is actually great news.  Static blood is no good in reproductive organs where it can become associated with fibroids, clots, and other masses.

Month by month we saw the clotting becoming less frequent.

One day in between sessions she sent me a text.  “Just tested positive on a pregnancy test!”

Here is a case where patience and the long view really paid off.  She committed to treatment, let go of needless expectations, and was able to expel the static blood that had been building up in her abdomen for years, maybe decades.

Now she’s pregnant for the first time, and halfway through her first trimester already!  She lovingly refers to her ultrasound as a “healthy looking T-Rex.”

She’s going to be a great mom.