While menopause can often be a welcome relief from irregular menstruation and concerns of birth control, this female rite of passage often comes with some unpleasant side effects.

  • Sleep disrupted with Night Sweats
  • Uncomfortable Hot Flashes
  • Libido and Lubrication Decrease

Interestingly the hallmark signs of menopause in American women (hot flashes + night sweats) are nearly unheard of in other countries.

In Japan, for example, low back pain is the famous menopause complaint.  No one there gets hot flashes.

If every woman in Japan can escape the temperature fluctuations, shouldn’t you be able to as well?


Here are a couple case studies that are typical of treatment:

“Kristin” the 52 year-old surgical nurse sweating through her scrubs

“Andrea” the 56 year-old who skipped Tennis to wash sheets every day