Menopausal Hot Flashes Acupuncture Case Study

Hot Flashes

“Kristin” was a 52 year-old who had stopped menstruating in her late 40’s.  She was still having severe hot flashes, 6-10 per day.

Besides the general discomfort of the temperature fluctuations, the hot flashes were interfering with her work as a surgical nurse (not good!).  She would be standing in the operating room for 10 hours straight, and would sometimes have to change into new clothes due to the heat and sweat.  This meant interrupting surgery to leave and change, then having to scrub back in all over again.

A lot of the acupuncture points that help to regulate hormonal communication are on the back.  At one of her follow ups, she remarked that the hot flashes had been decreasing, and also that her neck and upper back pain had been getting a lot better.

Initially she had only asked me to help with the hot flashes, and had never disclosed that she was in pain, so I had no idea!

By using the points on her back that influence global hormonal dynamics, we had inadvertently relieved a lot of local muscle tension and pain.  Now that she knew acupuncture could help with pain, she disclosed that she had severe plantar fasciitis on both feet.

Of course the foot pain was aggravated by the nature of her job and long periods standing up.  The pain was so intense that it would distract her during surgery.

Plantar Fasciitis is actually one of my specialties, so I was happy to treat that as well.

Her feet and neck were soon pain free.  Within a few months her hot flashes went away entirely as well.  We continued to do maintenance treatments once a month to make sure she stayed in optimum shape.

As a result of her great success with acupuncture, she was able to be present and focused the entire time she was at work (good for her patients!) and started resuming exercise again.