Menopausal Night Sweats Acupuncture Case Study

Night Sweats

“Andrea” was a 56 year-old woman who had finished menstruating 6 years previously.  She was still having severe night sweats when she came for treatment, to the point where she would have to change the sheets multiple times per night.

Her husband was sleeping in another room at this point, and of course her laundry was piling up every day.

Also, due to all the chaos at night she wasn’t getting adequate rest.  She was feeling groggy and fatigued during the day.

It’s important to keep day and night separate.  Activity and wakefulness when the sun is out.  Rest and repair while it’s dark.  Chinese Medicine has a lot to offer when it comes to night time problems of all sorts.

We used acupuncture and herbs to regulate her endocrine system (internal thermostat).  This was a really straightforward case, and within a couple weeks she was noticing improvement in the night sweats.  Within a few months it was a non-issue.

At that point in the treatment we incorporated techniques to address foot pain and shoulder pain.  Since she was sleeping better, she had more energy during the day and was inspired to get back into tennis, which she really enjoyed.