Breast Swelling Herbal Case Study

Breast Swelling

“Angela” was a 42 year-old woman who had developed severe breast swelling before her periods.  The swelling was so intense that she would go up two cup sizes.  Additionally the increased pressure made her skin uncomfortably tight, and would actually stifle her breathing.

She had previously enjoyed cycling on the country roads, but was unable to do that when her breasts were swollen.

Angela had been seeing another practitioner for acupuncture and herbal treatment for six months, with some relief.  She stopped treatment with him when he became hard to get a hold of and wouldn’t return her calls.  She found another acupuncturist (who didn’t practice herbal medicine) and began treatment.  Her new acupuncturist referred her to me for herbs.

Swelling is excess fluid accumulation in an area of the body.  Interestingly, often there will be excess fluid in one place (the breasts in this case) and not enough fluid elsewhere (dry skin, dry eyes, constipation, etc).

I knew my colleague had the acupuncture angle covered, so I sent Angela home with an herbal formula designed to regulate her hormones around menstruation, stop the breast swelling, and redistribute her body fluids.

To be honest I was a little nervous because I knew she had been getting some relief with the other herbalist, and there was no way to know what he had been giving her.  I really wanted the herbs to work at least as well as what she was taking before.  My goal was to get her back on her bicycle.

I trusted my diagnostic skill, and we got really lucky on that case.  Upon starting the herbs, the breast swelling stopped immediately.  It was quite dramatic.  100% gone.

We kept in contact over the next couple years.  She was consistent with herbs over that time, and we varied the formula every now and then to address new complaints.  Two years later and zero breast swelling.