Menstrual Anxiety + Breast Cyst Acupuncture Case Study

Cystic Breasts and Anxiety

“Corrine” was a 46 year-old female who called me after her former acupuncturist had retired.  She had used acupuncture in the past to regulate her cycle, and relieve some chronic hip and low back pain.  She was looking for someone who could help her maintain her progress.

As it turned out, she was prone to experiencing a lot of anxiety, to the point of panic prior to menstruation.  She had learned mental coping strategies to live with this.

Additionally, hard cysts would form in her breasts before her period.  Every time she asked her doctor about that, she would be sent for a mammogram etc, and would develop further anxiety.

Corrine was a highly body-aware person.  Very much in-tune.  She was tired of needless mammograms, and preferred to not have breast cysts in the first place.  Fair enough!

We used herbs so that she could have a consistent signal to her body every day.  I sent her home with two formulas.  One was to be taken daily to encourage hormonal regulation, and provide a general calming effect on the nervous system.  The other formula was to be taken if she was feeling the anxiety or panic creeping up.  This way she had herbs at home ready for her when she needed them most, and wouldn’t have to wait to get in to see me for acute anxiety.

Additionally we used acupuncture systematically to reinforce the hormonal balancing, and to alter the balance of neurotransmitters (there is fascinating research on this…), and when the breast cysts came, we used local acupuncture around the cysts, which would cause them to go down/disappear within 48 hours.

After a few months of this type of treatment, the cysts went away entirely.

We added in local acupuncture treatment to the upper neck, which can also help reduce tendencies towards anxiety.

She still looks forward to her maintenance treatment once per month, and she hasn’t opened up her anxiety herbs in a year.