Acupuncture Gestational Diabetes Case Study

Gestational Diabetes

“Vicky” was a 36 year-old first time mom who had developed gestational diabetes early in her 3rd trimester.

Due to her advanced age (anything over 35 is medically considered a ‘geriatric pregnancy’!!) her medical team was overly concerned about every detail of the pregnancy.

She was trying to avoid medication to manage her blood sugar.  She had tried some dietary changes, but nothing had worked yet.  She was checking her blood sugar twice per day.

One concern with gestational diabetes is that the fetus will grow too much.  Bigger babies can be more trouble when it comes time to push them out.

We used acupuncture twice a week, and she took an herbal formula every day.  Both of these approaches worked in tandem to begin normalizing her blood sugar within days.

She continued to monitor her sugar, and followed through with treatment, and the diabetes was no longer an issue.

One less variable to worry about before giving birth for the first time.

One less box to check on a form.

One less “risk factor” for our new mom.