Acupuncture Labor Facilitation

Everybody likes to freak out when a mom goes a minute past her due date.

The tension and pressure are counterproductive.

Anxiety about impending invasive medical procedures is counterproductive.

It’s OK to go past your due date.  Health care professionals vary widely in their opinion of how long is too long.

Babies come out when they’re ready.

I use very specific acupuncture points to facilitate labor.  Induction is forcing it.  Facilitation is for when everything is pretty much ready to go, but the system just needs a little nudge.

The acupuncture treatment guides the nervous system in a way that softens and opens the body.  Natural endorphins are released, and the anxiety/worry/fear of the unknown starts to disappear.

After this treatment, most women go home and give birth that night.

Otherwise we repeat the treatment the following day.  That usually does it.


*After you have that baby, make sure you get herbs to stop the bleeding, reduce cramping, and restore the resources that you lose during childbirth and breastfeeding.