Acupuncture Morning Sickness and Migraines Case Study

Morning Sickness

“Alice” was in her first trimester, pregnant with baby number three.

Since she had been pregnant before, she knew she would have a but of morning sickness.  However, she wasn’t expecting to have constant migraines as well.

With two young kids to care for all day, you can bet the addition of intense nausea and migraines was not making her life any easier.

They call it morning sickness but it usually lasts all day.

It’s self limiting.  Usually it will go away after the first trimester.  3 months doesn’t seem like a long time, but it is!

Acupuncture has become the go-to therapy for nausea of all kinds due to it’s regulatory effect on the nervous system (especially the vagus nerve).

During Alice’s previous pregnancy, she had come for acupuncture treatment for an intense pain she had developed all over the right side of her body.  That pain went away quickly with treatment, and she hoped the migraines would respond similarly.

Alice is actually a friend of mine, and I know she doesn’t like asking for help unless she really needs it.  So when she called about the migraines I knew they were bad.

It was my day off, but we did a reverse house call (she came out my way) and I gave her a treatment on my couch.  Immediately the pain in her head began changing, softening.

Her senses became clearer.  She hadn’t even realized how squinty-eyed and cloudy her vision was becoming until it regulated.

After 20 minutes the migraine and nausea were gone.

We followed up again the next week.  She had great relief after the first treatment, but within a few days the symptoms had started to return, though with a much lower intensity.

That’s very common at the beginning, which is why it’s always best to plan on a series of sessions.