Using plants and other natural substances to modify human biochemistry is one of the most effective, and universal forms of medicine.

So effective in fact, that much of the modern pharmaceutical industry is based on extracting and patenting active chemicals from well known herbs.

There are two downsides to extracting the “active ingredients” though.

1. You leave behind other naturally occurring chemicals that prevent side effects.

2. You don’t get the other chemicals that can enhance the therapeutic effect of the active ingredient.

Chinese Herbal Medicine not only uses the entire extract that has been traditionally used, but we also know how to combine herbs into strategic formulas so that the different medicinals can make each other safer and more effective.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s a sophisticated science.

And yea, they taste funny.

But even kids take them.

95% of my patients use herbs in conjunction with acupuncture.  The two treatment methods complement each other immensely.

We work very closely with our suppliers, and primarily use Botanical Biohacking herbal formulas.

They’re the best on the planet.  No joke.

Have a look at the people, places, and practices that ensure you’re getting excellent herbal interventions: