Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy can be due to a variety of causes including injury, diabetes, and even a side effect of cancer treatment.  There’s also “idiopathic neuropathy” which means no one knows the cause.

Neuropathy can be extremely uncomfortable.  If it’s in your feet you may have severe nerve pain every time you take a step.  Or you can lose feeling in your feet, which means you also lose your driving license.

Diabetics especially have to be careful about minor injuries on the fingers and toes.  Since the neurological signal is so weak, the immune response is incredibly low.  This means a paper cut can quickly devolve into an infection, gangrene, and amputation.

Neuropathy is notoriously difficult to treat using conventional medicine.  By using innovative herbal and acupuncture based solutions, however, we can make quite a difference.

Plan on a month or two of consistent treatment to start experiencing the results.  Nerves regenerate rather slowly, but we can considerably speed that process up by combining acupuncture, internal herbs, and herbal foot soaks.

Here are a few case studies of treating neuropathy with acupuncture and herbs:

“Ryan,” the 54 year-old diabetic who never lost another finger (neuropathy and bone infection)

“Lisa,” the 56 year-old cancer survivor who was thrilled to get shingles

“Beth,” the 62 year-old that I couldn’t help