As living creatures, one of our primary biological drives is to pass our DNA into the future.

That means making babies.

Our bodies are smart, so why is this becoming more difficult?

The rise in fertility issues in modern times has a variety of causes, most of which have to do with lifestyle and environment.

Is it Stress from your job?  GMO’s in the plants?  Hormones in the meat?  EMF radiation?  Pollutants in the air?

Are you going to quit your job, stop eating, disconnect from all technology, and only breathe air imported from the peaks of the Himalayas?

Nope.  We can’t run from these forces, but we can become resilient to them.

Specific acupuncture treatments and individualized herbal formulas will help your body accommodate  your lifestyle and environment.

In Chinese Medicine we call this “Prepping the Soil.”

As in, get your body strong, receptive, and ready before planting the seeds.

Conception emerges when the conditions are right.



Fertility Case Studies:

Marcia, the 33 year-old with the reluctant Fox

Kimberly, the 35 year-old with a T-Rex in her uterus