You know when you jump in a swimming pool and the water goes up your nose?  It irritates your sinuses and your eyes water.

You get a weird headache.  You’re unable to think clearly because something wrong is happening right on the front of your head.

Having allergies is like that.  All day.  During the most beautiful times of the year.


Conventional allergy treatment involves suppressing the immune system.  This strategy only works for so long.

With Chinese medicine we don’t suppress the immune system.  We regulate it.  Rebalance it.

Why is your immune system over reacting in the first place?  There are a few causes, and with a bit of detective work we can solve most allergies*.


Here are a few successful case studies using acupuncture and herbs to treat allergies:

Brent, the 24 year-old whose face exploded during dinner (Cat Allergies)

Kim, the 55 year-old levitating artist  (Fall Allergies)

Susie, the executive who had been holding her breath for 52 years (Seasonal Allergies)


*I’m talking here about allergies to pollen, cats, dogs, dander, etc.  Here’s info on food allergies.  And yes sometimes they go hand in hand.