Pregnancy + Postpartum

Giving birth, creating life, is as close as we come to the unknown.  It is common to have anxiety around that.

Every expectant mother wants to have an easy pregnancy, a smooth labor, a healthy baby, and a speedy recovery.

I was interviewed by “The Yogi Within” to explain how we use acupuncture and herbs throughout the entire pregnancy to make it as smooth and easy as possible.

It can, and should be, a fun, empowering experience.


Here are a few Case Studies using acupuncture and herbs during pregnancy:

Alice, the 3rd time mom with migraines and “morning sickness” that lasted all day

Vicky, the 36 year-old 1st time mom with gestational diabetes

Margie, the 3rd time mom with wicked back pain in the 3rd trimester

Kickstarting Labor:  It’s “Facilitation,” not “Induction.”

Breech Babies: What you need to know about getting them to flip.