Here are a few successful case studies using acupuncture and herbs to treat Sports Injuries and improve  Performance:

Tina, a 50 year-old who went from stabbing pain to Triathlon in 2 weeks (Plantar Fasciitis)

Holly, a 13 year-old ballerina with an uncommon outcome to a common injury (Ankle Sprain)

Ron, a 43 year-old with a nasty softball injury (Fractured Fibula)

Connor, a 16 year-old goalie whose mom wasn’t insane after all (Spinal Fracture)

Dominick, a 38 year-old whose calves almost stopped his Triathlon training (Calf Spasms)

Trent, a 16 year-old giving everything to baseball (Shoulder Strain)

Timmy, a 12 year-old football player “running on knives” (Plantar Fasciitis)


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